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If you are looking for that extra special visit, to Virginia wine country, then the VIP Winery Tour package is for you.  Customers will experience things that normal visitors can only dream about and all the time doing it in style.  We'll enjoy private tastings, sample old vintage wines from their libraries, tour the winemaking facilities with the winemaker, do barrel tastings and much more.  We'll be very creative in designing your tour package when you select this option. 

​To start we'll pick you up at your location, in a luxury vehicle, and escort you to the vineyards.  While there you'll enjoy a private tasting and excellent customer service suitable for a VIP. 

​Your professional wine tour guide will have years of experience in the wine industry and will certainly add to your experience.  Our tours are designed to be fun, but also educational as well.  Wine is very academic and there's a lot to learn about it. 

​A gourmet lunch or dinner can be included in the tour package and since we work with several restaurants and caterers we can provide almost any cuisine.  Hopefully the weather cooperates during your tour as then you could dine on one of several decks that provide an amazing view of the vineyard.  Obviously we can address any dietary concerns, such as vegetarian, vegan, gluten free or allergies. 

​For more information call:  703-209-7139

VIP Winery Tours