​To ensure that everyone has a good time and the tour goes smoothly we have a few simple rules.

​Rule #1:  Have fun!  It's always a great day at the vineyards!  If you're worried about the weather, don't, there's always good wine, a nice comfortable tasting room, and plenty to see and do.

​Rule #2:  Be on time.  We have reservations at the vineyards and they are expecting us.  If we're late to start then we'll be late all day long and we'll cause back-up problems at the vineyards.  If you want to exend the day you can do so with an additional fee and approval of the professional wine tour guide. 

​Rule #3:  No alcohol can be consumed in the vehicle.  In the past the only time there has been trouble it's when people have had too much to drink. On two occasions I allowed people to drink in the van and bad things happened.  There have been spills, people getting sick, and we even got kicked out of a vineyard, so they've ruined it for everyone.  No drinking in the van.  Don't worry, you'll get plenty of wine at the vineyards.

Rules for the Road

Wine Pro Tours​ Professional Wine Tour Operator