Group Tours

Group Winery Tours 2018

February 2018

3rd – Wine by the Fire Tour

We’ll depart Arlington at 11 am and go to two wonderful vineyards, enjoy tasting their wines, have a delicious lunch, and have extra time to relax with our toes by the fire.

Two vineyards & lunch

March 2018

11th – Spring Forward

Don’t forget to turn your clocks ahead when we depart the Clarendon metro promptly at 11.  We’ll go to two wonderful vineyards, have a tasty lunch and return by 4.

Two vineyards & lunch
Only $109/person!

April 2018

22nd – Earth Day Tour

Unfortunately, our climate is such that it’s almost impossible to do organic wine in Virginia, but some wineries do their best.  This is a bargain tour and a great value!  It fills up very quickly.

One vineyard and one craft brewery, with lunch
Only $99/person!

May 2018

13th – Mother’s Day Tour

Mom is very special and you should treat her that way.  This is a tour designed to show moms how much we love them. 

Two vineyards & lunch
Special gift for all moms.

19th – Armed Forces Day Tour

We will leave the Clarendon Metro at promptly at 1100 hours, from there we will coordinate with two vineyards to receive tastings, a special winery tour, and active/retired military receive $30 off the cost of the tour. 

Two vineyards & lunch
$129/person – Active/retired military only $99/person

June 2018

17th – Father’s Day VIP Tour

Some people think only mothers like wine, not true.  This tour is designed to show our fathers they are special to us.  We’ll go to two wonderful vineyards, get a behind the scenes look at winemaking in Virginia and have a delicious lunch.  Very limited spaces available.

Two vineyards & lunch

September 2018

9th – Grandparent’s Day Tour

Does grandma like Virginia wine?  Then this is the tour for her.

Two vineyards & lunch

16th – Craft Brewery Tour

Craft breweries are popping up all over the place and they’re doing some really amazing things.  This is a tour where we’ll skip the fermented grape and go straight to hops and barley. 

Three craft breweries with lunch

October 2018

14th – Wine, Whiskey, Beer Tour

One of my favorite winery tours.  We’ll tour the winery and the distillery, just taste/drink beer at the brewery.  Fun times and amazing scenery. 

One winery, one distillery, one craft brewery & lunch

21st – Fall Foliage Tour

Two vineyards and lunch

28th – Fall Foliage Tour

Two vineyards and lunch

November 2018

4th – Fall Foliage VIP Tour

This is a serious wine lover/VIP group tour.  We’ll do a tasting/tour at RdV, arguably Virginia’s best winery, we’ll have an amazing brunch (I’m not telling you where) and we’ll finish at the Greenhill Manor House. 

Two vineyards and lunch

11th – Fall Foliage Tour

Two vineyards and lunch


December 2018

16th – Christmas Tour

Ho, ho, ho.  Santa is real. 

Two vineyards and lunch
$139/personFebruary 2018

We offer group tours, that anyone can join, on a regular basis.  Here's a list of upcoming events: