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In 2012, after years of being a salesman, for a wine distributor out of New York, I had an idea.  At the time, in the professional wine world, we all knew that Virginia made wine but it was considered to be overpriced, of low quality, and for the most part ten years ago that was ten years ago.  But things had changed and they were starting to make some very good wines in Virginia, but most people didn't know about them.  So I had an idea that I would start taking members of the trade, wine buyers from retail stores and restaurants, to the vineyards so they could experience first hand what was going on.  

In April 2012 I contacted the Virginia Department of Agriculture about my idea, they passed it on to the Virginia Wine Marketing Office and they agreed to pay me for the trade tours.  With that Wine Pro Tours was born.  

Now, almost six years later, we've expanded into a complete winery tour company that takes groups of all sizes to the Virginia vineyards, but our business model hasn't changed whether it's a seasoned wine professional or a novice wine drinker.  All of our tours are focused on education and the amazing things going on in Virginia wine country.

So if you've never visited Virginia wine country, or would like a more indepth experience than a typical driving service, why not visit Virginia wine country with a pro?

We look forward to seeing you!

Bruce M. Schutte